Since 1996, MineWare Consulting has produced a range of software solutions to improve business systems and production by offering real-time reporting to flag problems as they arise, thereby saving time and costs. MineWare's core activity is providing products that fit a client's precise needs by tailoring its software. As requirements change, MineWare integrates changes seamlessly to ensure no time is lost on having to retrain personnel on new systems.

Going Mobile

All MineWare software allows remote access, which means that problem solving and troubleshooting can be done at any time. MineWare is also in the process of converting and writing new software to be compatible with all handheld devices such as Ipads and Toughpads. This means that you can access your work on any device that you currently use, affording you freedom of movement and greatly simplifying usage input.
Software Options Remote Access Platforms Service

  • Production Management
  • Centralised Production System
  • Electronic Logbook
  • 3D graphic interface
  • Health and safety and asset training
  • Syncromine

  • All software inegrates with other popular systems(i.e. SAP, CADSmine, Saco and Solit)

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    Traditionally, all reports are drawn on-site, and access to information could only be had via networks or physical access. The proliferation of hand-held devices with internet access has proven to be a boon for many business operations, and their impact is felt daily in the way that people interact and do business.

    All MineWare software is developed in conjunction with the clients, and systems develop and expand with the client’s changing requirements. Using standard project control, the system is developed, while keeping the client involved. There then follows an initial period of hand-holding, during which MineWare observes and oversees use of the system, and addresses problems or queries.