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A Few Words About Us

MineWare Consulting was founded in 1996, as a small software firm servicing the Gold mining industry in South Africa. Since then, the company has expanded its offerings to include a variety of software solutions to the mining and related industries, supplying the African region. The company is helmed by a young and dynamic team, and includes over 50 employees working on site with clients, at the company’s headquarters in Lanseria, Johannesburg or at the R&D centre in Stellenbosch, Western Cape.

Our Mission

The MineWare strategy is one of partnering with clients and developing longstanding collaborative engagements. The nature of MineWare’s expertise is transportable across industries and covers the full spectrum of mining related consulting services. Beyond the typical project-based intervention, the aim is to establish and build mutually beneficial relationships with clients, providing maintenance and support on an annual basis while adding exceptional value well beyond the initial intervention.

Work Process

MineWare provides an array of services from initial project conception to completion. Typical project lifecycle elements include initial consultation, review, conceptual design, detailed design, and implementation, all in consultation with the client. MineWare products are auditable and SOX compliant where necessary, ensuring peace of mind.


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Syncromine System

MineWare software suites work together to create a set of interlinked systems, which can all be interfaced on one screen. Syncromine places all business tools in one easy to use interface. In the case of mines, these tools include production, safety monitoring, bonus calculations, ore accounting and costing software modules. Syncromine brings all these sectors together and displays data on one screen, offering verifiable information in a secure, accessible and affordable way. Syncromine also provides information coupling between various sources of information found on a mine, including production, HR, costing, ordering, geological analysis, stores, time and attendance, planning, equipment control and efficiencies.

Production Management

The MineWare production module streamlines and automates the planning that is needed for licence to mine. It hosts production information such as workplace creation, short term planning, stores ordering and budgeting, daily bookings, tramming and hoisting, sampling values, survey actuals as well as fleet planning, in one easy to use interface. The production module integrates the planning and booking modules, although they are also available as stand-alone packages This software module uses a workflow called the planning protocol, which allows every service department to provide online input on a workplace level, which in turn populates the planning protocol report. This report is then taken to the monthly planning meeting for discussion and sign-off. Once the monthly plan is approved the workplaces are available for daily bookings. Bookings can be managed to allow for back date bookings as needed. Problems can be booked against workplaces, tracked and then actioned to the correct department. The system records working and non-working days and allows for blasts to be scheduled either daily or automatically, in accordance with available face length and drill steel lengths, compared to the monthly target. This module interfaces with many time and attendance packages, CAD packages and financial systems, to make the process as seamless as possible. This software module improves the speed and quality of monthly planning, resulting in greater efficiency and improved production performance in real-time.

Bonus System - AccuReward

MineWare Consulting offers a unique, customised single enterprise - wide reward management system, with the correct integrity and security to deliver bonus scheme outputs efficiently, cost effectively and accurately, to the benefit of all stakeholders. The AccuReward System draws data from the survey, safety and planning, time & attendance and HR / payroll functions. Consolidating all this information into a single database, it grants the organisation endless opportunities from a management information systems perspective, not only per single entity, but across the whole enterprise. The bonus calculation system can be fully customised to set up bonus schemes to benefit the mine or workplace, enabling managers to keep control of staff resources and maximize productivity.

Ore Accounting

The ore accounting module connects to Scada systems, logging all belt readings and flow meters, enabling accurate and real-time monitoring of the process. Should the plant not have the requisite monitoring equipment, data can be captured manually, to ensure correct reporting and calculations.

Safety Suite

The safety suite can be implemented to incorporate all safety modules or just one, depending on the need of the organisation. It can be linked to the production module, enabling the safety department to schedule audits on planned workplaces as well as ad hoc safety audits on surface workplaces and engineering workplaces. PCC/safety compliance scores are calculated for every workplace by drawing input from various critical measuring points. This suite combines the risk model, OCR scanning module as well as the action manager, which can be customized to suit any client’s requirements, and greatly enhances safety control over all levels of an operation.


MineScribe is a customizable dashboard creation tool that allows clients to design a unique, tailored dashboard that is specific to their needs. In order to create this dashboard MineWare compiles a data universe, which is a simplified version of the underlying client databases that data needs to be drawn from. This is then coupled to an easy to use interface, which clients use to select the reports and data that they want to see and implement regularly.

OCR Scanning Module

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the recognition of printed or written characters by a computer. The process of using OCR on a mine or business involves creating check sheets using management data and relevant exploratory questions. These sheets can range from information pertaining to safety, production or just general employee feedback questions. Information is captured on physical sheets and collected at a central point for digital scanning. The system reads, populates and actions data in less than 30 seconds per sheet, so that all data is available digitally. By linking predefined answers to certain questions defined in the risk model, called mapped questions, the system can automatically trigger predefined actions by utilizing the action manager. Mobile device capability allows data to be captured immediately and on-site, while data is fresh and visually available. The use of OCR systems eliminates the need for data to be read and captured by humans, negating the possibility of human error. This system will benefit any business that wishes to streamline operational safety, improve efficiency and eliminate the factor of human error in data gathering.

Engineering Event View Module

This module connects mining production and engineering systems, when implemented in conjunction with the Syncromine production module. Mining equipment such as drill rigs and LHDs are planned per mining area using the production module. The engineering event viewer allows for the real time management of engineering equipment breakdowns underground. The breakdown event is recorded in the system via communication to the control room, where an operator captures the information. The system then creates a work order and sends it to the relevant department for action. Once the action is completed, a report is sent to the control room, closing the loop. Reports indicating equipment efficiencies and availabilities come as standard.

Risk Model

The MineWare Risk Module aims at the eradication of uncontrolled events that have the high potential of causing incidents and stopping production on a mine. To achieve this, a holistic risk-based approach is required in order to identify all hazards and risks prior to the commencement of work. In order to facilitate this, the risk model applies the following processes:

  • Dynamic Baseline Risk Assessment using an interactive process map.
  • Issue-based Risk Assessment.
  • BowTie analysis capability that draws all hazards (within certain parameters) for analysis.
  • Automated generation of all legal documents pertaining to a task and task risk rating.
  • Interface to planned work to be assessed.

  • This approach ensures that comprehensive task training and assessment is conducted and that deficiencies are identified and corrected, where reasonably practical, prior to and during the commencement of work.


    The newly developed sampling module assists in capturing spatial data to be used in the Ore Reserve Management process of any mining operation.Once surveyors have drawn samples, the position of the samples is captured spatially within the sampling module’s graphic interface. The mineral content is then added to each mineral to calculate an accumulated channel of core values. This information can then be seamlessly exported using the built in synchronization method and customization tools.This system is extremely simple to use and install, offering information in an easy to read graphic interface. It can be used as a standalone product, or integrated with existing systems.


    The survey module not only uploads and downloads survey information from all popular survey instruments,but also displays data in a 3D environment without switching software. Data captured within set limits of error can then be used to capture electronic measurements and send out survey notes electronically. This system also captures off-set information with easy to configure attributes. Data can be displayed on paper or integrated seamlessly with most popular CAD engines.


    Here is what we like to use


    .Net is used when it is necessary to link a number of devices so that users can share information between programs or computers on one network. It is the preferred language for web services, so any program that uses remote access through the web, would use this language.

    JAVA Script

    JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a high-level, interpreted scripting language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. JavaScript has curly-bracket syntax, dynamic typing, prototype-based object-orientation, and first-class functions.


    MVC stands for Model — View — Controller. It allows a coder to filter out the various components of an application and more easily update them. MineWare consulting uses MVC for web-based development in order to facilitate access to data.


    C# is a programming language often used for windows operating systems and the Internet, and supports the creation of web applications. MineWare Production software makes use of this language, as it allows remote access to users.


    Short for Structured Query Language, SQL is ideal when dealing with large quantities of raw data, as many of the mining programs do. It enables you to send information queries to a database without restriction on the type of database, allowing relevant information to be sifted relatively quickly.


    SQLite is a database management system that does not run off a server in the traditional sense, but is embedded onto mobile devices that are used on site and need local storage. Many of Mineware software programs, such as OCR, are written for mobile devices and make use of SQLite as a basis for programming.


    The software that manages databases is known as a database management system, and MySQL is an example of such a program. The most common use for MySQL is for the purpose of a web database, where a large amount of information needs to be stored and accessed.


    Mobile access to data is no longer a luxury but a requirement for businesses that have complex operations to run and maintain. MineWare software uses Xamarin in order to develop mobile apps that work on multiple mobile platforms.

    Social Responsibility

    MineWare Consulting contributes to a number of causes, both within the company structure and by monthly donations, and believes that Corporate Social Responsibility is an opportunity to help in the growth and development of our country’s future. Social development is a process which results in the transformation of social structures in a manner which improves the capacity of the society to fulfil its aspirations. It encompasses a commitment to individual well-being and volunteer-ism, and the opportunity for citizens to determine their own needs and influence decisions which affect them.

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