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Mineware Consulting consists of a team of talented developers and designers specializing in creating operational mine management software for the mining industry. In an industry that is rapidly transforming and becoming more automated, Mineware crafts bespoke management solutions that marry a deep pool of mining expertise with forward thinking software packages.

Mineware Consulting

Meet Mineware

Our developers and designers  write  operational and reporting software for the mining industry.

Founded over twenty five years ago, Mineware has grown into a dynamic company providing mine management software in Africa, with plans to expand internationally. Clients include a roster of blue chip companies in the gold, platinum and other mining commodities.

The company is made up of an ever-growing team of software engineers and support staff, who bring a deep pool of expertise and years of relevant experience to the table. Mineware staff work either on site with clients, at the company’s headquarters in Lanseria, Johannesburg or at the R&D centre in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Post Covid-19, remote work has been encouraged, while many of our software systems are already fully cloud-based and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Mineware vision is one of continuing to grow as a company, while offering a stimulating, supportive and fulfilling career path to prospective employees. Core values include an emphasis on transparency and providing excellent client service, with the aim of building long standing relationships with a core group of clients.

Client Testimonials

Mineware Consulting Clients
Mineware Consulting testimonials

We have found Mineware's team to be efficient and helpful in implementing their Syncromine software, with fast rollout and efficient training for our teams on site. Mineware’s online Syncromine software makes our remote management easier, allowing for better planning, implementation and less downtime.

Mineware Consulting testimonials

Zakaria Sidibe

Barrick International, Mali

Mineware Consulting Clients
Mineware Consulting testimonials

Mineware managed to find very good solutions to difficult problems. They were hands on and real team players.

Mineware Consulting testimonials

James Coutts

Drops Technology

Mineware Consulting Client
Mineware Consulting testimonials

Syncromine is the most flexible business auditing & capturing platform with specific reference to the Mining Industry. It consists of a team that are highly skilled and extremely well experienced within this very complex industry.

Mineware Consulting testimonials

Sanya van Wyk

Sibanye Stillwater

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Syncromine Core #minemanagement

There is a reason that this mine management software suite is our flagship product.

When it comes to mine management and operational software, our web-based Syncromine Core software offers a number of integrated functions and solutions in one easy-to-access interface.

Syncromine Core draws information from the following mining disciplines:

  • production & planning
  • safety monitoring
  • human resources
  • time and attendance
  • bonus calculations
  • ore accounting & geological analysis
  • budgeting
  • stores & ordering
  • equipment control and efficiencies

Syncromine Core brings all these sectors together and displays data on one screen, offering verifiable information in a secure, accessible and affordable way.

The online functionality of our Syncromine Core remote system offers the following features:

Ease of access: Syncromine Core can be accessed by managers and staff remotely on-site using any mobile device. This is especially beneficial for remote work, enabling employees to collaborate and work seamlessly from various locations and devices. 

Ease of Implementation: Cloud software typically has a shorter implementation time compared to traditional software, as there's no need for complex on-premises installations or configurations. 

Better control:  With Syncromine Core,  users can control access to the software by creating detailed profiles that specify which part of Syncromine may be accessed by which users.  Logins can also be changed and controlled, and access granted or removed as needed. 

Reporting: The reporting and dashboarding model allows users to create and customize their own reports, setting unique parameters to draw the specific data they require. Previously these had to be done by Mineware developers, but now with training, customers can control this functionality themselves - saving time and giving them better access and control. 

Software Benefits:  Software can be accessed by Mineware staff remotely, and updates are performed easily and automatically with no need for cumbersome manual installations. Syncromine Core also uses less data to run than a standard desktop app. 

Integration and Compatibility: Many cloud software applications integrate with other tools and platforms through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This enables businesses to create comprehensive ecosystems of software that work seamlessly together 

By consolidating various operational data into one easy-to-use interface, Mineware’s Syncromine Core application makes operational management easier, allowing for better planning, implementation and less downtime.

Web-based software like Syncromine Core allows for ease of access, better functionality, greater control and oversight and the ability to create customized reports to suit individual requirements. 


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