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Keep control of your mining production systems by having real-time access to all relevant production information. Mineware software modules can benefit your operation by giving you easy access to data that matters. This allows you to improve the speed and quality of your monthly planning for greater efficiency and improved mining production.

Mining Production Management

The Mineware production module streamlines and automates the planning that is needed for licence to mine. It hosts production information such as workplace creation, short term planning, stores ordering and budgeting, daily bookings, tramming and hoisting, sampling values, survey actuals as well as fleet planning, all in one easy to use interface. Our production module integrates the planning and booking modules, although they are also available as stand-alone packages.

This software module uses a workflow called the planning protocol, which allows every service department to provide online input on a workplace level before the monthly session, which in turn populates the planning protocol report. This report is then taken to the monthly planning meeting for discussion and sign-off. Once the monthly plan is approved the workplaces are available for daily bookings.

Bookings can be managed to allow for back date bookings as needed. Problems can be booked against workplaces, tracked and then actioned to the correct department. The system records working and non-working days and allows for blasts to be scheduled either daily or automatically, in accordance with available face length and drill-steel lengths, compared to the monthly target. This module interfaces with many time and attendance packages, CAD packages and financial systems, to make the process as seamless as possible. This software improves the speed and quality of monthly planning, resulting in greater transparency and improved production performance in real-time.

More Software Solutions

ORE Accounting

The ore accounting module connects to Scada systems, logging all belt readings and flow meters, enabling accurate and real-time monitoring of the process. Should the plant not have the requisite monitoring equipment, data can be captured manually, to ensure correct reporting and calculations.

Planned Maintenance

The machine maintenance functionality is used to capture and plan maintenance on fixed and mobile machinery within specific mining operations.

With full asset registers, operations can now link monthly planning to equipment used daily, enabling improved maintenance planning, resulting in fewer breakdowns.

Bonus System

Mineware Consulting offers a unique, customised single enterprise - wide reward management system, with the correct integrity and security to deliver bonus scheme outputs efficiently, cost effectively and accurately, to the benefit of all stakeholders. The Bonus System draws data from the survey, safety, planning, time and attendance as well as HR / payroll functions. Consolidating all this information into a single database, it grants the organisation endless opportunities from a management information systems perspective, not only per single entity, but across the whole enterprise. The bonus calculation system can be fully customised to set up bonus schemes to benefit the mine or workplace, enabling managers to effectively incentivise the workforce.

Control Room Module

This module connects mining production and engineering systems, when implemented in conjunction with the Syncromine production module. Mining equipment such as drill rigs and LHDs are planned per mining area using the production module. The control room module allows for the real time management of engineering equipment breakdowns underground. The breakdown event is recorded in the system via communication to the control room, where an operator captures the information. The system then creates a work order and sends it to the relevant department for action. Once the action is completed, a report is sent to the control room, closing the loop. Reports indicating equipment efficiencies and availabilities come as standard.

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