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The South African mining industry has increasingly embraced the utilization of digital data to enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and safety. However, lack of universal access and data siloes remains a problem. Enter Syncromine Core, an updated, fully cloud-based version of Mineware’s flagship Syncromine software suite. 

Syncromine Core Solution 

The Mineware flagship Syncromine software package brings the big guns to bear on any mining operation’s sticking points. This software offers functionality and reporting capabilities across the board, from human resources to production and planning.

Big data captured through real-time monitoring from various sections within the mining operation and presented in easy-to-read, detailed reports,  provides essential insights that can be translated into specific short-interval controls as well as longer-term strategic plans.  

Mineware is currently in the process of rolling out a web-based version of its flagship Syncromine software – Syncromine Core. Syncromine Core is set apart by being web-based, with all the benefits that follow from that including: 

Ease of access: Syncromine Core can be accessed by managers and staff remotely on-site using any mobile device. This is especially beneficial for remote work, enabling employees to collaborate and work seamlessly from various locations and devices. 

Ease of Implementation: Cloud software typically has a shorter implementation time compared to traditional software, as there’s no need for complex on-premises installations or configurations. 

Better control:  With Syncromine Core,  users can control access to the software by creating detailed profiles that specify which part of Syncromine may be accessed by which users.  Logins can also be changed and controlled, and access granted or removed as needed. 

Reporting: The reporting and dashboarding model allows users to create and customize their own reports, setting unique parameters in order to draw the specific data that they require. Previously these had to be done by Mineware developers, but now with training, customers are able to control this functionality themselves – saving time and giving them better access and control. 

Software Benefits:  Software can be accessed by Mineware staff remotely, and updates are performed easily and automatically with no need for cumbersome manual installations. Syncromine Core also uses less data to run than a standard desktop app. 

Integration and Compatibility: Many cloud software applications offer integration with other tools and platforms through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This enables businesses to create comprehensive ecosystems of software that work seamlessly together 

All standard Syncromine functionality will be migrated to the Syncromine Core remote system, which is currently being piloted at Caledonia mines. 

Web-based software like Syncromine Core allows for ease of access, better functionality, greater control and oversight and the ability to create customized reports to suit individual requirements. 


The Mineware strategy is one of partnering with clients and developing longstanding collaborative engagements. The nature of their expertise is transportable across industries and covers the full spectrum of mining-related consulting services beyond the typical project-based intervention. By providing ongoing maintenance and support their team adds exceptional value well beyond the initial engagement. 

As the mining industry, both locally and internationally, navigates a challenging global environment characterized by market volatility, shifting demand, and rising operational costs, the need to embrace automation and digital innovation becomes ever more important for the future of the sector, and Mineware and Syncromine Core are here to save the day. 

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