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Improved Mine Health and Safety

Health and safety should be considered one of the top priorities of any mining venture. Any safety issues that force a shut-down can negatively affect the bottom line, and take their toll on the human resources department and individuals at risk.

One of the challenges facing mine health and safety overall,  is the sheer number of moving parts that need to be monitored and coordinated on a daily basis. Mineware’s safety suite makes this easy, by drawing relevant information from various departments into one user-friendly interface. This data can then be analyzed by relevant managers and personnel, and used to mitigate risk on a continuous basis.

Mineware Safety Suite

Our innovative software will greatly enhance your mine health and safety as well as simplify risk management.

The safety suite can be implemented to incorporate all available Mineware safety modules or just one, depending on the needs of the organisation. It can be linked to the production module, enabling the safety department to schedule audits on planned workplaces as well as ad-hoc safety audits on surface workplaces and engineering workplaces.

Should monitoring systems not be in place, data can be entered manually. Data is then displayed in one simple graphics-driven interface that is easy to interpret.

PCC/safety compliance scores are calculated for every workplace by drawing input from various critical measuring points. This suite combines the risk model, OCR (optical character recognition) scanning module as well as the action manager. This software package can be customized to suit any client’s requirements, and greatly enhances safety control over all levels of an operation.

The safety suite enables risk officers to optimize their safety protocols by drawing relevant information from various critical measuring points into one interface. Improve your mine’s day to day safety record and manage your long-term risk more effectively with this software.

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