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Mineware’s new survey module streamlines the process of mapping an ore body for licence to mine.

Mining operations have an obligation to determine the size of their ore body and lease area, as well as the projected amount of ore that will be mined. All mining operations therefore, whether on the surface or underground, need a reliable survey package. Mineware’s survey module assists in this crucial process, capturing and displaying relevant survey data in a real-time, graphic interface that is easy to analyze and understand.

Mining Survey Software

Survey observations can take the form of gathering data from survey stations or beacons, or measurement of an excavation that has been mined. Once a survey has been done, observations and data are captured within Mineware’s survey software, where relevant calculations can happen. Raw data is also backed up and stored securely for audit purposes. The data is then ready to be used within the Syncromine survey module, or interfaced to any other system that might need spatial data. Data is displayed visually on a user interface and immediately available, ensuring ease of use and accurate calculations. Once the software is installed, tolerances for different types of surveys can be configured.

The survey module not only uploads and downloads survey information from all popular survey instruments, but also displays data in a 3D environment without switching software. Data captured within set limits of error can then be used to capture electronic measurements and send out survey notes electronically. This module also captures off-set information with easy to configure attributes. Data can be displayed on paper or integrated seamlessly with most popular CAD engines.

This is part of our cutting-edge software that helps you plan by allowing relevant personnel to have accurate, live data around ore deposits at their fingertips.

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